1. {Faith47} Cape Town | South Africa

    This photo isn’t mine. You can see more of this work here: http://bit.ly/Q9exck

  2. {BoaMistura} Madrid | Spain

  3. {Curiot} Mexico City

    "Quetzen-tul una canica más." 

  4. {Natalia Rak} Bialystok | Poland 

  5. {Low Bros} Cologne | Germany

    Photo by: Robert Winter

  6. {Colin Van Der Sluijs x Super-A} Heerlen | Netherlands

  7. Supakitch is an artist and I love his work. This one isn’t on the wall, but I like the colours and the texture and want to share with you.

    If you want to see more, click here.

  8. Long exposure photography of DEB8 bomb. 

    Photo by el_topo_

  9. Tankpetrol

    via @TheRealArtOfStreetArt

  10. "Do what you think is right. Stay peace. Kick away all your concerns. Stay in silence. Concentrate during these hours to be involved in your work from this art work. Unleash your imagination."

    Virus no.6 Crew | China