1. {AxelVoid & INTI} Djerba | Tunisia

    GAVÉ is a French word that means force-fed or gorged. The mural represents the leftovers of an Arabic and European table as a metaphor of the French influence in Tunesia.

    Font: INTI

  2. {ROA} Belgium

    Photo by Aline Deschamps

  3. {Faith47} Cape Town | South Africa

    This photo isn’t mine. You can see more of this work here: http://bit.ly/Q9exck

  4. {BoaMistura} Madrid | Spain

  5. {Curiot} Mexico City

    "Quetzen-tul una canica más." 

  6. {Natalia Rak} Bialystok | Poland 

  7. {Low Bros} Cologne | Germany

    Photo by: Robert Winter

  8. {Colin Van Der Sluijs x Super-A} Heerlen | Netherlands

  9. Supakitch is an artist and I love his work. This one isn’t on the wall, but I like the colours and the texture and want to share with you.

    If you want to see more, click here.

  10. Long exposure photography of DEB8 bomb. 

    Photo by el_topo_